screenshot_2016-09-26-18-28-28-1From a very early age, I wanted to get into the world of sports. The initial dream, obviously, was to be a professional athlete. But unfortunately that dream died when I realized I wasn’t going to grow passed 5’8! So then, I chose the next best thing. I decided to become a Sports Writer/Broadcaster. And once I started with it, like any good in-demand sportsperson, I’ve been a “journeyman writer” myself, moving over a number of different sports and teams. I have been writing for established sites such as Dodgers Nation, Golden Gate Sports, Fearsome Football, Bunkers Paradise, and Warriors World. I also host “After the Whistle”, a sports radio show on Golden Eagle radio at Cal State LA, which is also where I am finishing my Broadcast Journalism degree.  

On ‘A 49er Life’, you’ll see me applying all my experience in sports writing and broadcasting – plus, just pure knowledge about the sport from two decades of obsessive fandom – to find and write the best possible stories for the best football team in the NFL. Well maybe not, but no one is going to tell me otherwise. I’ve been a 49ers fan for about 20 years, and I’m excited to finally be able to write only about them on a platform. I’ll be sifting through the internet to find latest news and opinions, so you can save your precious time. I’ll be adding my own personal flair to it of course, which I am sure you won’t mind.