Revisiting “The 49er Quarterback Controversy Part 2”

Back at the beginning of the season when I still had hope, I wrote the following article about Colin Kaepernick potentially taking the starting quarterback job from Blaine Gabbert.

Well Kaepernick did end up stealing the job away from Gabbert for awhile, then Kaepernick played terribly, so Gabbert got it back, and now Kaepernick has it again. Hey, if I was either one of them, I wouldn’t want the job either.

In hindsight this article is sort of funny, if you’re a fan of dead baby jokes.

Knowing what I know now, I’ve decided I’m going to go back through the article and add some commentary. Hopefully it can add some humor to this dark and terrible season.

Well here we go.

For the second time in four years, Colin Kaepernick is primed to steal the starting quarterback job from someone who already has it. However the circumstances are slightly different the second time around.

Yeah the difference is back then it’s because Smith was injured, and now it’s because Gabbert is terrible.


In 2012 the starting quarterback of the 49ers was Alex Smith. He suffered a concussion halfway through the season, and was forced to sit out a game. His backup, Colin Kaepernick, came in and played absolutely lights out. Eventually, head coach Jim Harbaugh made the controversial decision to keep Kaepernick as his starter.

Ah, the good old days.

The unpopularity of the decision stemmed from the fact that the 49ers were winning. Smith had led the 49ers to the NFC Championship the year before, and were 6-2 at the time of his injury.

I wish I could go back to a time where I could argue with people about which 49er quarterback was better, not worse.

In 2016 the starting quarterback of the 49ers is Blaine Gabbert. He’s started 11 games for the 49ers and has gone 4-7. After another disastrous outing against the Seattle Seahawks, Gabbert’s days as the starter may be numbered.

Disastrous is putting it lightly.

However, even if head coach Chip Kelly wanted to make a change, he may not be physically able to.

This might have been a fat joke, I don’t remember.

What he meant is that his afro wasn’t at 100% yet.

Kelly is singing a different tune this week than he was last week.

Last week, Kelly gave a vote of confidence in Gabbert as the starting quarterback.

Don’t worry Chip, we all make mistakes.

…he said as Gabbert held a gun to his back.

Now a sliver of doubt is beginning to creep in.

Before anyone crucifies Kelly for not making the switch at quarterback quickly, it’s important to understand the consequences of each route.

Yeah the consequences were that the team was going to suck either way.


Kelly has fans whispering in one ear and 49er management in the other.

And they both have really bad breath.

Kaepernick reportedly requested a trade during the off-season, and it went as far as a sit down dinner with John Elway to try to work out a trade.

Do you think Elway offered to pay for the meal if Kaepernick agreed to a pay cut?

The 49ers may want to keep the trade doors open to try and get his contract off their books. To do that, they need to keep his trade value up.

They should’ve kept him on the bench then.

If Kaepernick goes out and plays how he did in 2015, his value will plummet.

Just like the 49ers’ chances of making the playoffs.

More than trade value, the 49ers are worried about Kaepernick’s injury settlement. If he plays and gets injured, the team will owe him $14.5 million.

Well they fixed that, so I don’t have anything to say about this. Good for them.


The situation isn’t black and white, and it’s not an easy decision for anyone.

Because the decision of getting punched in the face or kicked in the groin is a hard choice for anyone.

My Thoughts

Regardless of who starts for the team, the 49ers are going to lose games. The fact of the matter is that they aren’t a good team. Just like in 2015, the first game of the season was fool’s gold.

I’m still proud of myself for that play on words.

All over the internet, 49er fans are clamoring for Kaepernick just because of how bad Gabbert has been. They’re displaying the trademark short memory of sport fans.

And the reason why people call us “the whiners.”

Reading some of these things fans are saying is surreal. It’s as if they don’t remember how Kaepernick looked just a year ago. And now he’s coming off surgery and a lengthy hiatus from football. Hell, he didn’t even look good against second and third stringers in the preseason.


The main argument being thrown out is that Kaepernick had Jim Tomsula and Geep Chryst dragging him down while Eric Pears, Marcus Martin, and Jordan Devey blocking for him.

What’s sad is he might be playing worse now than he was last year.

It is true that Kaepernick wasn’t put in the greatest situation to be successful, but it this isn’t a sudden decline. Even in 2014 when he still had Harbaugh and a decently talented team around him, the 49ers went 8-8 and missed the playoffs.

That’s because teams finally realized the 49ers have a running back playing quarterback.


Playing Kaepernick will not deviate the 49ers from the path they’re on. They’re going to be terrible either way.

I hate it when I’m right.

This isn’t an argument for Blaine Gabbert. He’s just as bad as Kaepernick, maybe even worse. They’re somewhat polar opposites. If there was a way to combine them, they would probably be a great quarterback.

“Great” is a strong word. Together they might be able to throw for over 200 yards a game.

Kaepernick struggles with reading defenses pre-snap, going through his reads, and standing tall in the pocket. Gabbert can make all the reads, but he just doesn’t have the arm talent to make the throws.

I think they’re having a contest to see who can go three-and-out quicker.

With Gabbert you get a 5-yard throw on 3rd and 6. With Kaepernick you get a 3-yard scramble.

And then you another loss on your record.

It’s a tough situation for the 49ers, and it’s tough for fans to watch. No matter what Trent Baalke wants to say, the team is rebuilding. They’re making progress with hiring the right coach and finding some good talent in the trenches, but without a quarterback, it’s an uphill battle to win.

Notice how I didn’t mention the defense? It’s because the 49ers don’t have a defense.

At this point, I hope the 49ers lose every single game. We made the Bears look like a serviceable team last week, and now we’re about to boost the Jets’ confidence on Sunday.

This season is so bad, we might go 1-15 and still not get the first overall pick.

At this point, we should just have a round robin at each position just to see how funny it’ll be to see Jimmie Ward playing left tackle.

Here’s a video I put together to show why I’m so miserable. Watch it and be negative with me.