Anthony Davis Announces Retirement…Again

For the second time in just 15 months, Anthony Davis has retired from football, the 49ers announced today.

Davis retired for the first time in June 2015 for what he cited as health reasons. He missed the entire 2015 season before returning to the team in August.


Anthony Davis

He returned to become the starting right guard for the 49ers, but was beaten out by second-year player Trent Brown.

This kicked off a bizarre saga in which Davis agreed to play guard, and then later changing his mind.

Two days before the season stared rumors of Davis retiring for a second time began swirling. Both he and head coach Chip Kelly denied the rumors after a near meltdown from fans occurred. Fast forward a couple weeks later, and the rumors were proven true.

Davis suffered a concussion the first week of the season at practice and hasn’t fully recovered now, even three weeks later. For this reason, he decided to retire again.

My Thoughts:

No one can truly blame Davis for deciding to walk away from the game to preserve his health. However, fans are upset because of how much they’ve been jerked around by him.

After continuous slights at the team after suddenly retiring, it rubbed fans the wrong way. Couple that with the continuous tease of returning to the team, fans just about had enough.

He proved a lot of people wrong by returning, but then again he proved them right as he walked away for the second time.

Davis was beat fair and square by Brown and would have been sitting on the bench the last two games even he was healthy, so there isn’t much of a loss with his retirement.

The 49ers will probably use his roster spot to bring back Aaron Lynch in a week, so a hard decision was made for them anyways.

He deserves to make the best decision for him, but the constant back and forth has left a bad taste in the mouths of 49er fans.

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